A bowlful of springy mee hoon with an ingredient mix of tau pok, fishcake, hard-boiled egg and prawn served in Qi Ji’s homemade flavourful coconut-based broth.


Mee Siam

Brown rice vermicelli served with tau pok, hard-boiled egg and bean sprouts, and Qi Ji’s spicy-sour light gravy. Add tang with a squeeze of fresh calamansi.


Tangy Fried Mee Siam (serves up to 10 pax)

Limited Time Promotion - Stir fried brown rice vermicelli with mee siam spices, served with tau pok, hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts, chives and lime. Complement with Qi Ji’s spicy, tangy & sour light gravy.


Lontong Set (serves up to 10 pax)

A delectable dish of mixed vegetable curry with a lovely coconut cream aroma served with rice cake, egg and tau kwa.


Fried Bee Hoon (serves up to 20 pax)

Wok fried with egg, cabbage and carrot, an endearing choice of savoury comfort.


Fried Rice (serves up to 10 pax)

Wok fried with crab bits, egg, mixed vegetables and chicken meat loaf. Fried rice is the quintessential of comfort food.


Fried Mee Goreng (Serves up to 10pax)

Wok fried noodle with mixed vegetables, perfect for any day of the week.