• Popiah
    Painstakingly Hand-Raised, Lovingly Hand-Rolled

    A crowd favourite, our Popiah is made from scratch; from the creation of our unique Popiah skin, right down to the concoction of our sweet and chilli sauces. Unlike most eateries, we use golden crispy bits as an alternative to peanuts which complement the fillings with the right amount of crunchiness and fragrance, appealing to everyone including the little ones.

    Made to order to ensure freshness; come savour the juicy, flavourful fillings wrapped in our thin, soft and chewy skin.
  • Nasi Lemak Set
    Fragrant pandan coconut rice, served with crispy Ikan Bilis (anchovies) and peanuts. Choose from our popular Nasi Lemak sets with a delectable array of side dishes including otah and chicken wing which are made from Qi Ji's original recipe. Our otah is grilled to savoury perfection over temperature-controlled pit, ensuring consistency while chicken wings are marinated and deep-fried to crispy tenderness.

    Complete your Nasi Lemak experience with our signature sambal chilli that is made from scratch with a specific combination of chili, spices, lemongrass, and turmeric, among others. This condiment goes well with anything and it will definitely leave you wanting more.
  • Noodles
    Qi Ji's winning formula for its array of noodle dishes, lies in our gravies which are made from scratch following traditional recipes, passed down for generations. Amidst the time-consuming preparation, precise control of time and temperature are crucial.

    Through the years, these arduous cooking methods have been refined into processes that uphold the integrity of our food and preserve the authenticity of the dishes.
  • Homemade Beverages
    Qi Ji's Barley are brewed and served on the very same day. We use only the finest ingredients such as Barley grains from Holland which gives the Barley a natural sweet fragrance and taste. A modernised and automated system is employed to brew, portion and seal the beverages for freshness and quality assurance. Whether you are under the weather or beating the heat, these drinks will definitely perk you up.